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Monthly Archives: April 2016

Things got planned, quotes were done, there was…. Music. Things are starting to get rolling for the Last Prophecy, despite needing some serious overhauling, but all for the good of the next book in the series; the Well of Youth. This will be the first full length book in the series, and technically the first book of the Last Prophecy series. So there is much excitement as these plans get under way…. Read More

The last few weeks have been spent not writing but those endless hours ones spends with the cogs turning, the kettle boiling, and the stagnant pool of my story, with barely a ripple to pass across its surface, I’ve stared into its murky depths and found that it did not stare back. Writing should possess you, demand you, crawl inside your skin and burn. I’ve had too much else to think about… Read More