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Hard Lessons Learnt – Writing your #neurodiverse self is more than what to write, but your #writerslife as an #ND #author

Those not on the social platform Twitter will have missed the enlightening conversations happening around neurodiverse authors and their writing being policed. I say this knowing full well that I myself have struggled with the idea of what it is to be an ND author. That writing our own unique story telling voices are breaking traditional rules of writing. I want to address the specifics of what I’ve uncovered in my battle… Read More

Just writing the title of this blog post is sending my skin crawling. It’s a physical effort to type. But I can’t not. I can’t not say something about being neurodiverse now while its fresh, clear and concise in my head, even if this blog post might not be – not if you’re neurotypical. On Friday night I had a meltdown. I’ve spoken about having a meltdown before but I need you,… Read More

Originally posted on Amanda Woody:
https://media.giphy.com/media/dyplPAwDGyfSznhJMe/giphy.gif Gif of Meryl Streep not giving a shit and downing a bottle of wine First and foremost, shoutout to Paula Gleeson (@PaulaGleeson) for inspiring me to write this. I wasn’t sure anyone was interested in my journey, so if you’re reading this, it’s because of her! Also I paid $25 to get my statistics back from QueryTracker, so you better read the whole thing or I’ll…