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Today I’m interviewing Sarah Baily who writes dark, contemporary, erotic and paranormal romances. When she isn’t writing melt your socks off romance, or being an active supporter of the Indie and Self pub community she’s stealing her husband’s X-box or finding new ideas to twist panties…

Ok, easy one to start that requires only silly answers to break the ice, what is your Disney Movie?

The Lion King! I used to make my parents put it on over and over again when I was a kid. I’ve been to see the West End stage show about five times now. I cry every single time when Mufasa dies, even when I went to go see the live action remake. There’s just something so poignant about that scene. And of course, my little hopeless romantic heart adores the HEA for Simba and Nala!


What is your current WIP and what excites you the most about it?


Prohibit EbookI’ve got a few on the go, I’ve just finished writing the final book in my Benson Siblings series, but I’ll talk something I have in progress. It’s technically set in the same world as my other dark romance books, but rather than being in London, it’s set in the Cotswolds. As a British author, I set all my books in the UK. They say write what you know and all. I love writing British characters with all their funny quirks and banter.
It’s a second chance romance, which I’ve never written before. Damon and Lucy are a very intense couple who knew each other at school, had a relationship which ended when Damon did something to ruin it. They meet again ten years later and the intense connection between them hasn’t really changed or dimmed in the interim period. It’s definitely dark and twisted with a lot of very hot scenes between the two of them.
What excites me the most about this story is the way I’ve written it. You get to see their relationship in the past play out at the same time as you see them in the present. It’s a different way of storytelling and I’ve found it an exciting challenge to write a book in this way.


What do you do when you get writers block?

Two things really, firstly I take a step back and see where I’m at, I go back through what I’ve written to see if something is bothering me or if the story isn’t working in places. I do a lot of editing as I write. If that’s not working, then I tend to either write something else or I read. I find reading very inspirational and often times it helps unblock my creativity. And if all that fails, I go on a hunt for some new music as often I’ll find a certain song will spark all sorts of ideas for me.


What’s been the most challenging thing about being a writer, and the most rewarding?

The most challenging thing has been learning how to market myself. Honestly, I’m a huge introvert and I get anxious so putting myself out there is hard for me, but I’ve managed so far. It’s been a very steep learning curve.
The most rewarding is having readers love my books. When I get those reviews or someone tells me they love my characters, it makes my day. It’s why I write, to make people happy and perhaps bring some escapism to their lives. I’ve had readers ask me if certain characters are going to get their own books and that’s a feeling I can’t really describe. It all depends on if those characters talk to me, but knowing people want to read their stories is amazing.


What advice would you give to writers out there?

Just keep writing. Never stop. It doesn’t matter if one person doesn’t like your work, there are a hundred people who will. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Let go of negative opinions and just keep writing. You improve each time you do. I always say you’re only as good as the last book you’ve written.



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