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Today I’m interviewing Grace Willows, who’s new book General’s Dawn is out today!

Grace Willows is the pen name for duo writers Julie and Robin. The award winning authors handle stories with Julie’s firecracker attitude and Robin’s determination to get it right. They predominately write romance but each dabble in other genres. Together they’ve teamed up to write sixteen novels, their latest release, General’s Dawn is available here.



Ok, easy one to start that requires only silly answers to break the ice, what is your favourite Disney character?

My favorite Disney movie is Snow White. I love how she remains positive, no matter what life may throw at her. 


What genre do you write and why?

We write historical, military, paranormal, and suspense romances with happy ever after endings. We believe everyone can use a little more love in their life! Writing is our passion; the enjoyment that it brings to our readers is what drives us endlessly forward.


What is your current WIP and what excites you the most about it?

We actually just released two new books!
In General’s Dawn, a rigid 2-star general is a widow raising his 5-year-old son. When easy going Dawn comes into his life, she turns everything upside down, until someone tries to kidnap her and his young son. General Carter will stop at nothing to save them.
In Til Death Do You Part, the President of Maliak is an abusive ruthless man, who is used to getting everything he wants. When his fiancé Anna escapes to the U.S, he will stop at nothing even murder, to get her back. Only one man, Sheriff Dalton, stands between her and certain death. 
We are excited about both of these fast paced action filled romantic books as they are our 15th and 16th published novels! 


What do you do when you get writers block?

What writers block? Poor Robin gets daily texts from me about new book ideas ! But seriously, Robin and I like to toss various story ideas back and forth, as the story is being written, because you never know where a different perspective will take you. Not only does this eliminate writers block, it also develops plots and characters more fully and generates a lot more story lines along the way. It works very well for us. We currently have 68 completed books that are awaiting our editing. 

What’s been the most challenging thing about being an writer, and the most rewarding?

The most rewarding part of being a writer is to have people tell us our books have touched their lives. We have had people tell us they have tried to locate the land of Al Qhar in To Kiss a King. They use quotes from that book with their family pictures all over the internet. We’ve had fans tell us that reading our Grace Willows tweets is the first thing they do when they get home from work because they love the worlds we create. This touches our hearts beyond words.
The most challenging part is finding time for marketing our books. We enjoy it, but it’s difficult to balance marketing and writing books at the same time.



What do you plan to do with your book when its done?

General’s Dawn and Till Death Do You Part were just published on Amazon. We also have a historic romantic comedy Last Minute Bride  planned for release at the end of this year. It keeps us a little busy! 

What is the one thing you would tell someone who loved your book?

 We truly appreciate all of our fans, they are the reason we write. When they tell us they love our books, or post one of our book quotes on their web pages, it means the world to us. To know something we wrote has touched someone’s life is the greatest gift they can give us. 


Who is your favourite author and why?

My favorite author is Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Robin loves books by Lora Leigh. We both love books that make the reader feel as if they are part of the story.  

What advice would you give to writers out there?

Our advice would be two-fold. Never stop writing, even if you don’t plan on publishing it. You cannot hone a craft that you do not practice. It doesn’t matter if no one else will ever see it, write what you love. Secondly, try to set aside time each week just for writing. Robin and I write together three days a week, rain or shine. We also write individually during the week to create more material for Grace Willows. Setting aside specific time to write is one great way to get the creative thoughts flowing.



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