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Featured Book: Robert New’s Colours of Death

Colours of Death

Which colour death would you fear the most?

From the author of Movemind and Incite Insight, comes a collection of nine detective stories where colour plays a role in the mystery. Including:

Blue Bloods: A high school awards ceremony turns to tragedy when the audience turns blue as they die.

The 11th Killer: A serial killer’s hair colour could be the key to their capture.

Storyteller: An arsonist is trapping people in burning buildings, just to write a story about the rescuers.

Black Death: After a body is dumped in public, working out how the victim died is harder than decoding the intended message.

Fear the Red Man: An incident with the Red Man haunts Detective Thomas, but may also be the key to solving a new case.

About The Author


Robert has degrees in psychology, sociology, biology and education, all of which inspire his writing. His books have been described as “grippingly readable,” and “smart and imaginative.” He is the author of The Conversationist, Incite Insight, MoveMind, and Colours of Death: Sgt Thomas’ Casebook.


Robert has a mild fear of jewellery. He has no idea why.

When he was in high school, a dare escalated a little too quickly and he made the state final in an interpretive dance competition.


For more information, visit his website or follow him on Twitter.


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