Book Reviews

My mother has done everything she possibly could to encourage me to read, and I have taken on her legacy with a voracious appetite. It comes and goes, but as I grow as an author I want to be sure to hold myself accountable for reading something other than my own writing.

It didn’t however, seem fair to only read indie, or hug my long loves of traditionally published fiction. So I will do both.

Once a month I’ll review a traditionally published book, and an independently published book. When I say Independently, I mean a self published author, and probably someone far more recent than my traditionally published favorites.

I will state here and now that my favorite author is Sir Terry Pratchett. And I will never review him – aside to give stars to books I prefer over others. I cannot, I will not. I have said it before but here it is again – Pratchett helped me get in touch with my own father, and I will never not treasure him for that above all others.

But like my father, when the fateful day comes that he passes too, I will always remember the lessons and wisdom he passed on. The pair have intrinsically become my moral compass, and guiding star.

If I’m a writer, its not just because my mother showed me how to fall helplessly in love with my imagination, its because my father was a silly man full of the best advice.

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