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Featured Book: Ryan Pope’s Osorkon: Prince of Thebes (Orsorkon Book 1)


‘I have made my choice, my grandson. I command and you obey. You are a gifted leader, and I love you for you share my blood and the same fiery spirit of Meshwesh flows through our veins. But you are inexperienced in war, and Tanis lies on the doorstep of many enemies.’

 Family is everything, but even blood is not thicker than iron.

 From the First Cataract on the borderlands of wild Nubia to the sun-touched temples of Memphis, the Priests of Karnak rule the lands around Thebes with the power of ancient kings. Pharaoh rules from distant Tanis in name only, a token monarch forgotten and ignored.

When the High Priest of Amun in Thebes suddenly falls ill and passes into the underworld, a new heir to the throne must be chosen. But when Pharaoh’s decision to pass over his own kin causes a division that threatens to split Thebes apart, his bloodline must fight to reclaim what is theirs.

Osorkon, great-grandson of Pharaoh and descended from the line of the High Priests of Amun in Thebes finds himself beset on all sides. Many are the nobles and war chiefs that will sniff out the first sign of weakness as a vulture smells out a kill. Thrust into the events that define the end of the New Kingdom, Osorkon must shed the blood of enemies within and without, not just to reclaim his birthright but for his family’s very survival.


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About the Author

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Ryan Pope is an Australian historical fiction author. Born in 1992 on a northern mountain inhabited by snakes, kangaroos and an echidna named Rex, his parents later saw sense and moved south. He grew up on the Sunshine Coast, a place deceptively named as it often rained. As such, he developed a love of books and reading early on. He has been fascinated by ancient cultures all his life and would visit more if they weren’t all so far away.

Based now in Brisbane, Ryan has worked as a magazine editor, curriculum editor and freelance writer/editor. At university, he studied Communication and Writing and completed a Master’s thesis titled “Fictional Languages and Identity in Fantasy and Science Fiction”.

You can find him on his website or on Twitter.


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