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Featured Book: Zack Riley’s Tales of Arillion: Ellie, the Mule Bred

Ellie is in trouble.

She’s not wanted in Creysil, and at 17 she doesn’t know what to do except run away from the persecution of being a mule bred.

Other’s spit when they say the term but to Ellie it just two halves of the whole that is her.

It doesn’t change that she is a barren shame to both species, who have no issue tormenting her, as she flees from those who resent her existence.

But with cleverness and determination she finds a way to blend in with the pure breds, to gain some attempt at a normal life.




About the Author

Zack Riley is an Australian author who writes in the fantasy genre.
His is also a devoted father – well equipped in the art of telling a really bad Joke.
Zack is recently retired from the Royal Australian Navy, and during his period of service saw many repeats of almost any science fiction film you can think of.
Despite this, he began to write fantasy stories with the support of his wife and children. He grew up with a War of the Worlds recorded; The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe; and an aging collection of Japanese cartoons and Disney films.
If you would like to find out what the does to someones mind, please feel free to read or listen to his works, or sign up and help support them.
You can find him on Twitter telling terrible Dad Jokes and being kindness itself.


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