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CA King – Flower Shields (A Four Horsemen Novel Book 1)


I have to say I was not initially attracted to the idea of four angels romance and boy, was I wrong.
CA King has taken an old and gruesome biblical tale and breathed new life into it, from the oddest and most enjoyable of perspectives. It features a tale of the four horsemen, but not as you’ve ever seen them before. The hero is Michael, who just wants to do his job, and do it well. When he runs into the disillusioned but hopeful Tara sparks don’t fly, its petals. You can’t ask without reading it!
Though I was perplexed at some of the lackluster responses of characters, and a few typos, King kept me amused with bushels of roses to be used as bludgeons and turning tropes upside down. A great read, and I loved what she’s done.

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