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Emma Miles: The Raven Tower (FireWalker Book 1)


I loved this book. The start had me very confused for a moment, given the nature of the characters, and it took a little bit of time to get the feel for Miles writing. Once I did I couldn’t put it down. Kesta and Jorrun’s romance was interwoven through a greater story of an evil empire threatening the borders of both their homelands. When they are married right at the start you could feel Kesta’s dislike. This wasn’t some princess swooning over a handsome sorcerer of the land, this was downright unpleasant. I began to fear that this was going to be another story entirely.

But just like we judge people prematurely on reputation so too had Kesta not given Jorrun enough credit. It was a slow waltz done over time, where each one were relatable human beings, not stereotypes shoved in your face. While the invading necromancers made their plans Kesta and Jorrun put aside their differences for their countries, to protect them from a empire that would enslave them, and far more awful things. This was a long read, but I enjoyed every viewpoint and minute of the story, and most of all, I wanted to climb the stairs of the Raven Tower myself…


Sorcha Rowan’s Sating the Hunger


My key dissatisfaction with this story was that it was too short. It was a lovely window into another realm that reminded me of Anne Rice and her immortals, their casual romances and easy friendships that could spend centuries apart and pick up like old times. It was a delicate foray into the intimacy between two immortals. I would have loved to see more of the whole story, the methodology behind the witch’s magics and more of the world Sorcha Rowan has created.


WB Welch – Blood Drops: A Collection of Horror short Stories


This was the kind of horror collection I missed from my childhood. Those stories that left you awake at 1am at 12 years old… Many of them contain far more adult themes but some of them leave you with the same sensation, afraid to close your eyes…


Cyrstal L. Kirkham – Road to Redemption


I have to confess that it was the side characters that made this for me. I wanted to know more about Ruby and Iain, and Father Brannigan. Paige was lovely and pure on her own, but I felt I could have got to know more of her story. Paige is seeking to help the mysterious Michel, who’s dark and twisted past is a threat to them both. The trouble is that Michel has underestimated Paige’s own connection to the dark lord, and it might cost him everything. When he seeks her out, he runs into Ruby, who ultimately is a resourceful, capable woman, and could probably take on Buffy. A good read for fans of soul searching and the lengths we go to in order to redeem ourselves.


Vizions of the Future: 11 Ultra Exciting Sci-fi Tales

I liked some of the stories, but others were very stilted. The best part about it was the demonstration of the wide and varying pockets of Scifi fiction, the assembled stories showing the true depth of the genre. I recommend it to anyone wanting to discover Scifi and aren’t sure about what genres interest them.
A special mention to Amanda J Evens story of people trapped in a VR world both terrified and intrigued me.


CA King – Flower Shields (A Four Horsemen Novel Book 1)


I have to say I was not initially attracted to the idea of four angels romance and boy, was I wrong.
CA King has taken an old and gruesome biblical tale and breathed new life into it, from the oddest and most enjoyable of perspectives. It features a tale of the four horsemen, but not as you’ve ever seen them before. The hero is Michael, who just wants to do his job, and do it well. When he runs into the disillusioned but hopeful Tara sparks don’t fly, its petals. You can’t ask without reading it!
Though I was perplexed at some of the lackluster responses of characters, and a few typos, King kept me amused with bushels of roses to be used as bludgeons and turning tropes upside down. A great read, and I loved what she’s done.

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