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Every month I am to review an independently/selfpubbed book from my fellow striving authors. I then review them on Amazon AU and Goodreads. If you want a review, catch me up on Twitter, I am often asking for books or offering to randomly review.

This month I reviewed a host of Indie books as part of a competition and their reviews are below;

Billie Kowalewski’s Enlightened;


For the first few chapters of this story I really wasn’t sure where it was headed, and it wasn’t really grabbing me. I felt the characters kind of pulled it together, but it takes them a while to get you there. The topic of death and lesson learned in the story is a good one, but I felt the rocky start and unconcluded ending made me feel like something was missing. What I loved about this story was the manner in which it not only handles death, but an early one too. About the unfairness of it all and how we perceive that. It’s well written, and I felt the author, when it got to the right points, conveyed the message well.


Timothy Gwyn Avians;


I loved this book! The selfishness of these young woman but their strength too made for a fascinating tale that grabs you right from the start. The initial chapters gives a great grounding for personal motivation into selfishness of the characters, which keeps you reading more. One of my favourite parts was the female driven strength. The capability of these “Angles” was endearing and I think its a great book for young women to read.


Misha Jordan Remembering Lauren;


This was set for a great story, tonnes of intrigue and mystery, however I felt that despite how much I liked Nicki and her backstory interested me, a large proportion of the story was told and not shown. This can normally be forgiven, however in one segment early on Nicki goes to a party and we are told the entirety of events. Where I felt let down was when this happened again but from Eric’s perspective. There were several sections such as this I felt the book can overhaul, as the characters and plot itself were all engaging.


Miriam Cumming Namesakes (A Wicce Novel)


The start of this book grabbed me really quickly, the date in the park, the way Medusa gets to know a love interest, was all very captivating. However as the story progressed, I felt more rushed through what was happening, and more importantly that the events in the story didn’t have natural reactions, some of it felt quite stilted. Even so, Medusa is a strong character, who’s not afraid to do what it takes to do the right thing, even if she ends up hurting herself. The lengths she’ll go to are inspiring, and she doesn’t let the changes that have overcome her stop her.


Julia Benally’s Pariahs (Ilings Book 1)


The artful way this book was written, with its unique description, ventures into an fantasical world where fantasy is re-imagined. The story of three boys, trying to prove their worth against a series of politics and social customs that are foreign and odd. Each of the boys has their own unique gifts, and its great to see these unfold. The story’s unusual and flowering language can lend itself to repetition and distraction during some points, which I found took away from the author’s voice rather than add to it. It’s still very well imagined, and a kind of fantasy that I’ve never seen anywhere else.

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