Indie Books

Every month I am to review an independently/selfpubbed book from my fellow striving authors. I then review them on Amazon AU and Goodreads. If you want a review, catch me up on Twitter, I am often asking for books or offering to randomly review.


Somewhere in Between by Dawn Homser – 4 Stars indexindexindexindex

I received this ARC for an honest review.

A funeral should be a sombre affair but this story starts as anything but, veiled accusations hinting at the troubled life of MacKeznie who’s ghost wanders the events, knowing these people and their tangled past with her own life, but not why she’s the one in the casket.

Her dedication to her children is paramount, as is her estrangement from her husband, playing the bereaved spouse, though nothing about his crocodile tears sits well. Between spats at the funeral and glimpses into MacKenzie’s past portray anything but a family of happiness.

Despite it all though the one responsible for her death remains a mystery, glimpses of hidden hate within the characters belying an ending that tears the heart out and leaves it in tatters. Hosmer’s ability to touch on real family drama and what one will endure for the sake of their children, paints life into these ordinary people who could live down the street from any one of us.

Well written, endearing, and subtle, one can’t help but wish for more for MacKenzie’s life, but the end at least gives her the peace she deserves.


Conquest by Celeste Harte – 5 Stars indexindexindexindexindex

When I first started reading this book I was a little anxious because there is a bit of a political infodump within the first chapter and while it crops up now and again across the text it was soon very easy to forget about because of the story itself. In another world on another planet in this mix of magic and technology blended hand in hand with such ease, falling further into the plot is completely effortless. Harte takes an unwanted marriage that left me absolutely raging at my ereader and turns it into an adventure that sears the heart. When the plot twists kept coming in the story, the delicate threads of a greater theme come together and left me desperate for more. Exciting heroines who will do whatever it takes, and a non toxic and passionate hero type that needs to be seen more in fiction, Harte captivates, and though somewhat content, still leaves you hungering for more.


Convergence by Ann Gregory – 4 Stars indexindexindexindex

Full of all the intrigue of a good adventure and action reminiscent of a Dan Brown or Indiana Jones, I found this book closer to the work of David Gibbins. Full of twists and turns, ancient messages, intelligent minds and of where would be without evil nazis? Reading this book felt like a relaxing weekend watching of black and white films, intrigue and a slow build of suspense that kept you guessing. I liked many of the characters, though at times they felt a little 2 dimensional with some stereotypical reactions,  it was the plot and the slow reveal that I enjoyed. Recommend for any old school fans of quests for ancient secrets!


A Sprinkle of Love by Rebecca Ridge – 2 Stars indexindex

A short read for Christmas this book as a nice message within it, a sweet little love story about moving on from failed love to something more, I liked the story. Where this fell down for me was a few editing issues and some contradictions, the biggest of which was Kristen says she’s giving up her house because of a mortgage after a divorce, but she’s going on a holiday to England, and then mentions her parents have a lot of money. The editing issues were enough it bothered me, English/American spelling inconsistences, punctuation, and a few scene changes that don’t transition well. Its still a sweet story, great character development and I liked how nontypical the plot was, usually romances have a set pattern, and this doesn’t just break them, it does it well. A very sweet Christmas read.