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Every month I am to review an independently/selfpubbed book from my fellow striving authors. I then review them on Amazon AU and Goodreads. If you want a review, catch me up on Twitter, I am often asking for books or offering to randomly review.


Jewel E Leonard’s Alight (The Witch’s Rede Book 1):


A lovely little jaunt into a new take on classic Westerns, Maeve is an Irish witch, and stumbling onto a gang of stage coach robbers is not how she imagined surviving there, or falling in love. I enjoyed Maeve’s character a lot, sensible and without fuss, this is a realistic take on the hard life of the west, and on what women had to put up with to survive, but also their own abilities and talents. Some of the plot arcs I did stumble a little on, but was ultimately swept away by the charming characters under layers of dirt and secrets. A great little tale and very well versed!


Kirsten McKenzie’s Painted


A delightfully creepy book, Painted starts with a series of characters that you will love to loathe, from a disgustingly awful lawyer, the lead in to the main character Anita is painted, if you will, with an artful brush of a woman with her own secrets. Anita is sent to a house to assess the paintings within, but when she arrives at the creepy and isolated estate, all manner of oddness starts, and doesn’t really stop. The brief looks into the ghosts that occupy the house and their perspective of the occupants leaves you afraid for our characters, or in one particular case deserving. Where I felt let down by this story was the arrival of the other assessors. It almost derailed the burgeoning relationship between Anita and the ghosts of the house. A marvelously subtle book throughout, it’s the little things that give this particular tale it’s twist, and makes for an good suspenseful read.


E. H. Night A Stray, Astray


What really struck me about this book was the excellent prose. The turn of phrases that were very enchanting and old world were excellently told but also what sometimes distracted from the plot and character development. I found myself confused at points as to the intent of the characters who at one point appeared to being hurtful, when it was helpful. As much as the writing uses wonderful prose it was what detracted from the story in the end. The vivid portrayal though, does transport the reader into the difficult times women would have faced, and by the end there is a sense of justice. An excellently written and well researched read.

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