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While the Last Prophecy consumes every waking moment (and many asleep) the muse is some sort of insatiable elder god from the recesses of an unknown dimensions, forcing my imagination down the twisted paths of its sordid depths.


Its great fun!


I’ve written several short stories for competitions to become available as they don’t win, (or do!). But my key focus is on my books and here are the ones beyond the Last Prophecy.


Queen of Spades – Awakening


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I know when everyone is going to die. Not the year, not the how, nothing else. Just a day of the month, death day.


After waking up from cryo, thousands of years in the future, and with no memory of what happened, I have to use every edge to survive. The guy who pulled me out? He’s tall, dark and handsome, and I don’t care beyond using him to get myself out of this mess. Leif knows what the Earth date is, and he’ll tell me, for a price. Part of my past is gone, but I was a trained assassin for hire, and with my ability I never failed.


Escaping from organized crime is almost old hat, but when an acquaintance of the crew calls for a favour, Leif wants my help. And I need them. I’m penniless, lost in a time not meant for me, and I have no idea how I ended up at an abandoned cryo facility.


Leif has his own dubious past, but when he offers to find out what happened to me, I have to learn where to place my trust…


Queen of Spades is the first book in a scifi romance trilogy, available mid 2019.






Theres another series too… one I am afraid of… its called Dusk’s Chosen. Don’t ask why…


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