Past Interviews

In the past I’ve spoken to some wonderful people who have not only said yes to being interviewed, but often shown me so much about themselves that reflect my own journey as a writer. I don’t wish to discard the time spent with them, or what our mutual aspirations revealed, so you can find guests listed below;


29th of June 2019

This weekend I’m talking to Adam Korenman, who today celebrates the last night of his running production Hamilkong, part of the Hollywood Fringe Project, and widely applauded for it’s tongue-in-cheek satire of the traditional story of King Kong.

14th June 2019

This weekend I’m talking to Ryen Lesli, aka the Witch, and we’re celebrating the release of her novel River, her new romantic dark fantasy, about a girl with powers she doesn’t understand an longing for a world she doesn’t know exists…


8th of June 2019

This fortnight I’m talking to Brian Murchie who has written a children’s avionics book called Zachery and the Planes of Hyland, and when he isn’t writing he’s reviewing movies.

25th of May 2019

This fortnight I’m talking to Emma Miles who writes soul wrenching fantasy, which I discovered after reading her book The Raven Tower, and here is my review on Goodreads. A seasoned traveller and slave to two cats, Emma’s storytellings began as an means of entertaining younger cousins, before she found fantasy and Lord of the Rings. Inspired to write her Wind’s Children series by an unbidden image of a boy under a bridge, and the questions she had about him. She has since left that world to write the Raven Tower series with Kesta Silene.


11th of May 2019

Using an encounter in a nursing home as a springboard of a romance across time, Behind the Fan is a gripping story of intoxicating love, burlesque clubs, and mobsters. Caroline Walken has several titles in publication currently; Ell’s Double Down, Reggie’s No Limit, Nowhere on the Map and the latest, Behind the Fan. Coming later this year — In Hiding, the award-winning short-story will now be a novel!

27th of April 2019

This fortnight I’m talking to Hart St. Martin who writes young adult fantasy. A proud feminist, Hart writes stories about strong women who can conquer anything that life throws at them, which is more than a fictional experience for Hart. She writes her heroine Lisen of Solsta as a strong, smart and capable woman who will push back when called for. The first book in the six book series, Fractured, went on to win the award for Best Indie Book of 2013 by Reader’s Choice.

13th of April 2019

This fortnight I’m talking to KS Ruff who writes romance, much to her surprise, instead of being a lawyer. Inspired by joining not one but two book clubs, KS Ruff wanted to give the writing a crack herself and while teaching as a professor at the American Military University. Writing the Broken Series, KS Ruff is also working on her first YA/MG fantasy novel based on Irish Mythology, Saving Tir Na Nog.

23rd March 2019

Angela Gyurko whose first play, Triangles, was performed by junior high kids at the Key City Public Theatre. The story follows the shifting friendships between three girls and two boys as they progress from 7th grade to 8th grade. While performed by a young cast, the play was intended for an adult audience, a gentle reminder how hard life is when you’re 12 and 13.

9th of March 2019

Taia Dominique who writes fantasy and is currently editing her new book Blood of the Fallen. She’s been writing stories since she was ten, has been inspired by Tangled, and now can’t stop the storyteller inside.

23rd of February 2019

Denmark Harris writes young adult stories that feature bullying and finding yourself. He leaves tantalizing insight into his main character Megan on Twitter, and all her flaws and strengths.

9th of February 2019

This fortnight I’m talking to Kindar Ra’Harashal who last year wrote a million words! (A MILLION!) If you need a lesson in dedication Kindar is it, he works 12 hour days, six to seven days a week. He writes about relationships between men, some not about love and others very explicit.

26th January 2019

Jess Alter, writer and freelance editor/proofreader with IndieImprint.  Jess writes scifi in her Cryptid Series, which is available on Amazon, when she’s not helping the writing community or giving out hugs and support. Cause she’s amazing like that.

12th January 2019

Rachel Hodges, Disney addict, seamstress and writer of women’s fiction. Between sewing and writing, Rachel spends time dancing around with her two kids. Keep an eye out for her upcoming book Gingerly. You can find Rachel swanning around Twitter, and her website.

22nd December 2018 – Christmas Special

L. McGrew swung by for the Christmas Special and talked her writing and goals of being a producer and seeing her characters come alive. From a background of being a Twi-hard (we won’t blame her), and writing fanfic, she’s turned a love of characters into a book that’s not about vampires. You can find B. L. McGrew swanning around Twitter, and her website, and her book We Are Immeasurable can be found here.

8th December 2018

Elsha Hawk of Hawk and Young stopped by to say hello, and talk about dragons, co-writing, and managing it all while being a special needs teacher and raising her own two children. You can find Elsha Hawk floating around Twitter, & on Facebook, and her books Variety of Shorts, and The Final Days of Herbet Tulliver can be found here.

30th November 2018

K. Baldwin & Lyra Ricci have come out of the woods, Mr Baldwin volunteering his voice for the interview. Published with Kyanite publishing, they write stories of ghosts and urban paranormal, and their books can be found here. You can also find them lurking on Twitter.

7th October 2018

Emily Marsh, writer of love stories and voracious reader. She’s currently working on a novel she intends to publish, while writing up nonfiction articles. Her current book is set on an island, which is where her creative mind normally sits, and who can blame her.

You can find Emily swanning about on Twitter

26th September 2018

Beth Overmyer, a fantasy author who has twelve published works. She’s won awards for the Best Comedy at Gotham Screen’s 2008 screenwriting competition for The Method, and an honorable mention for a short story in Allegory’s 2010 spring/summer issue for Red.

From fantastical kidlit to everyday popular fiction, Beth knits together her prose in a small Ohio town. Her hobbies do not include cat-hating or traveling. She adores her cat, Cricket, and traveling will happen someday, but for now, the farthest Beth travels is the western parts of her brain during cold, dark months of editing.

You can find Beth’s books here, as well as her intriguing Lady Catherine Says: 365 Tweets of Condescension here. She floats about Twitter and Facebook too, so be sure to visit!


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