If anything helps sell a book its getting a review but with so many books to read this task can be very overwhelming with everything else that I do.


But I do read a lot, I read everywhere I go, and one of the things I do since I got into self publishing is make a point of reading both traditional and independent authors, which is why I have separated my reading review list.

I buy ALL my books without exception. I do not accept books as gifts which allows me to give an impartial review.

I’m open to accepting ARCs and have done so in the past but again my review will be my honest opinion. I’ve written many blogs about it and how authors can go about getting reviews, but I’ve also written about how readers are often maligned by authors, especially those in the self/indie industry.

The purpose of putting my reivews on my website, Amazon AU, and Goodreads is to be clear that I read a lot and that I am putting my money were my mouth is by reviewing honestly.