I’ve decided to combine my traditional and indie/self pub books because they should be viewed as the same, not less or more. Many go through the same rounds of edits and what not, but I am nearly always basing my review on the story, whether it grabbed me, and sometimes that is because poor editing is a distraction making the story hard to follow.

I buy ALL my books without exception. I do not accept books as gifts which allows me to give an impartial review.

I’m open to accepting ARCs and have done so in the past but again my review will be my honest opinion. I’ve written many blogs about it and how authors can go about getting reviews, but I’ve also written about how readers are often maligned by authors, especially those in the self/indie industry.

The purpose of putting my reivews on my website, Amazon AU, and Goodreads is to be clear that I read a lot and that I am putting my money were my mouth is by reviewing honestly.

Civil Blood – Chris Helper: 5 Stars

This book has sat for far too long on my eshelf and I tackled it a few days ago and then devoured the entire book in the space of a day. With tones of Blade, Romeo & Juliet and Resident Evil, Civil blood is about a vampiric like virus and the company that tried to cover it up. When it’s made public the journey of those affected by it is traumatic and filled with wonderful character development. I loved the two main characters, Ranath and Infinity, and think the author did a beautiful job of their tangled romance amid a battle against a misunderstood foe and their subsequent estrangement. The use of qi energy as a magic system was done with aplomb and believability. All in all, an excellent book that tackles complicated issues like qi energy, the American legal system, and the science of the virus without bogging the reader down, but taking them on a rush fueled ride.


The Sound of Stars – Alecia Dow: 5 Stars

I received a copy of this book from Ayana Gray as part of a competition, though I had planned to buy it anyway. In a dystopian world, aliens have taken over. All music and books are confiscated, and humanity is caged. Ellie risks being executed by keeping a secret library, but when one of the aliens discovers it, the consequences reach further than death. This tangled love story has so many threads of love, hate, and hope – both ours, and the ‘aliens’ and what it means to have humanity, not just be human. I cried reading the end not because of all they endured but because of what they carried with them; hope. It’s a beautifully written story and the impact of what it entails makes for powerful storytelling.

Aurora Rising – Amie Kaufman & Jay Kristoff: 4 Stars

This was a great and light scifi YA journey of a multitude of characters viewpoints which isn’t easy to do, but between the two authors it just works. The abrupt rescue of a cryopod leaves Tyler with a girl lost in time, but what she represents may get him killed. The dance of defiance and chaos amid these characters to Aurora’s past is a mile a minute ride with an unexpected ending.

Confronting the Demon – Ciara Ballintyne: 3.75 Stars

The writing in this is really good, the magic system interesting but I had a hard time connecting to the characters and plot. The detail within the very beautiful writing sometimes bogged down the action, meaning an initial scene with a body became a swath of while very good writing, still ties down too much the character arc, and then makes the dialogue a little stilted.


Neverwhere – Neil Gaiman: 4 Stars

The walk into a secret world would never be easy but Richard rescues a bleeding girl on the street he gets more than he bargained for. His ordinary life is turned upside down as he struggles to make sense of it all. The characters are dark, the magic built world rich, and the edge of desperation makes this a page-turner.


Then Came Darkness – D. H. Schleicher





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