E. J. Dawson


Scary in space has always spoken to me as being like Alien in terms of suspense; there is a monster in the dark, and you know its coming. Tibbets places you on the page with an ominous whisper in you ear; its already here. It’s behind you. There is no hesitation, no stopping, and no escape aboard the freighter Demeter. The gradual introduction of the crew while unknown havoc explodes (literally) across… Read More

Writers always wonder if they’ll ever make it, if their story matters enough for people to want to read it. None could be so phenomenal as watching J. Elle bring Wings of Ebony to us all. I met Elle a few years back over Twitter, a fellow author, she was querying a book I was later to learn she’d revised NINETEEN TIMES. I couldn’t imagine being that dedicated to one story –… Read More