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Susan Cooper – The Dark is Rising


My mother read this to me as a child and I’ve never been more scared of something innocuous as a crow’s feather.
I didn’t know it was part of a series until much later, as she only read aloud The Dark is Rising and Sea Under Stone, but the imagery always stayed with me. Of things not being as they should.
I recently reread this as an adult and still felt the blood curdling chills of the unknown pressing upon my spine as I followed Will down his perilous and unfathomable journey.
Cooper takes a classic British piece of folklore and weaves a kind of magic to change it into something new and unseen, something for a child to enjoy. But underneath that comes a very adult fear that carries across youth to adulthood. Its a story about growing up and being young, nativity and wisdom, and the darkness and light that resides with us all.

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