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Here I review books I’ve grown up with, for research or pleasure, and to give my own thoughts on the works. There is much to be said for storytelling, be it from a traditional or self published author and I intend to explore my opinions on both. These books are ones I own, or have bought on Amazon AU, however all reviews appear on Goodreads.


Dea Poirier’s Next Girl to Die;



Everyone who’s ever left a small country town with a past doesn’t want to go back, but Claire’s reason is far darker. Her sister was murdered years ago and when another body terms up with similar MO, she’s dragged back to stop it happening to anyone else. Claire’s investigation and story were mysterious and soft, right up until the moment she’s about to burn to death. The subtlety of this mystery is what made it for me. So many different little pieces, so many suspects, so many red herrings, but each inextricably woven into the plot so that every single one *could* have been the right one. As an Agatha Christie fan, with her unorthodox murderers, I couldn’t help feel that the ending held so much mystery and suspense, the killer there all the time, but lost among the throng of suspicion. Poirer paints the picture of a small country town, isolated by the island, as though she’d lived there herself, full of secrets, feuds, and an unmistakable element of things best left forgotten. I felt the story sometimes wandered too closely into Claire’s narrative, which was more tell then show, occasionally necessary, but I would have rather seen a short by play. What makes this story is it’s complete and whole ending, the ability to blend a love interest into a plot focused on the murder, the characters on the island and the ending, which teased into the next book in the series without leaving you hanging. A very engaging mystery!

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