Traditionally Published

Here I review books I’ve grown up with, for research or pleasure, and to give my own thoughts on the works. There is much to be said for storytelling, be it from a traditional or self published author and I intend to explore my opinions on both. These books are ones I own, or have bought on Amazon AU, however all reviews appear on Goodreads.


Jay Kristoff’s Darkdawn (Nevernight Trilogy book 3);



The final book in the Nevernight Chronicles left nothing to be desired. As hauntingly beautiful and dark as the previous books, it picks up the story straight away and brings about a satisfying and bittersweet ending. Mia as ever sticks to her goals, is driven to do whatever it takes to fulfil her vengeance but the costs both hidden and in plain sight are so much more than anything that has come before. With twists and turns, money grubbing fools, and a charming pirate the adventure that concludes the trilogy holds within it everything that has made the series great; high tension, intense relationships, and more twisted than the heart Spiderkiller doesn’t possess.