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Here I review books I’ve grown up with, for research or pleasure, and to give my own thoughts on the works. There is much to be said for storytelling, be it from a traditional or self published author and I intend to explore my opinions on both.

This month is Laurel K Hamilton’s Guilty Pleasures:



Someone recommended this book to me years ago, and I stupidly didn’t read it.
To be fair, it then meant I had a host of books to satiate my voracious appitite once I actually picked up a copy of it.
It was an extension of the Buffy universe I had grown up with, and I loved that it, like the show, was about more than love. There was sex, violence, death, betrayal, and doubt. It makes the characters infinitely relatable and puts a new spark on the vampire genre.
It strikes you hard, right for the start, with its dry sense of humour and the grim edginess of Anita Blake. She’s the kind of person you call when you’re in trouble, and learning about her and the world she found herself in was only made more interesting in that while she is of interest to the vampire community as a vampire slayer, she isn’t about to be pushed about or trust any of the undead bastards. That doesn’t change her compassion or kindness, and its not hard to see that as unsociable as Anita can be, she isn’t callous or cruel. She will, however, do whatever it takes to get the job done…

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