Traditionally Published

Here I review books I’ve grown up with, for research or pleasure, and to give my own thoughts on the works. There is much to be said for storytelling, be it from a traditional or self published author and I intend to explore my opinions on both. These books are ones I own, or have bought on Amazon AU, however all reviews appear on Goodreads.


Embers of War by Gareth Powell – 5 Stars indexindexindexindexindex

I was ready for this to be a great read but the prologue hit my a punch I never saw coming. In just a few pages Powell shatters the world that sets up the tone for the rest of the book, and the killer lines kept coming. I consumed this book in a matter of hours and on thing about other books I’ve read by Powell is his ability to write great female characters. This book picks you up from the prologue with different character perspectives that all come together in final moments of fear and impossibility and somehow, unbelievably, it all works out in the end. Powell gives a new tone to scifi that reminds me of of an older surreal fiction I found on my parents bookshelves as a teenager. Great storytelling, unforgettable characters and prose that shakes down to the bones.


A Darker Shade of Magic by V. E. Schwab – 4 Stars indexindexindexindex

Absolutely loved this book, solely for the conceptual magic and the way its portrayed throughout. Instantly believable and hooks you in, the shades of London bring there own in this tale that appears to capture a facet of the great city. There is a great sense of the style, easy to imagine worlds and characters and though at times I didn’t feel the conversation, it was easy to place myself inside the world. Held a lot in the story’s plot twists and development but sometimes the solutions felt a little too easy too. Looking forward to where the story goes and what Schwab does with it.