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Here I review books I’ve grown up with, for research or pleasure, and to give my own thoughts on the works. There is much to be said for storytelling, be it from a traditional or self published author and I intend to explore my opinions on both. These books are ones I own, or have bought on Amazon AU, however all reviews appear on Goodreads.



This month is Gareth Powell’s Ack-Ack Macaque Trilogy:



I picked up these books because Gareth Powell was so nice on Twitter. I have never felt more ashamed at taking advantage of a discounted/sale weekend. I devoured the first book. I couldn’t work out how all the pieces were going to fit together, and more importantly what they would entail or even reach. For such a kind and thoughtful person, Gareth’s ability to sink into the depths of a villain’s perverse and unwholesome nature left me reeling. Every page I turned I thought it couldn’t become more inhuman or awful and I was surprised. But what I held on to most was the grit and determination, especially of Victoria and Ack-Ack himself. It reminded me of Porco Russo at the start, but I quickly came to see how unromantic it was, more importantly the mettle of Gareth’s characters. It left me determined, invigorated and strong. This is the kind of fiction I didn’t know I was looking for, and I’ll be devouring anything Gareth writes, because for all his kindness he has a dark and twisted imagination.

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