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One with Rage is now COMPLETE on Wattpad!


I decided to do this for several reasons, which can be found in this blog post.

A scifi/fantasy romance, it was written so I could publish something more recent as much of my work is quite old, but also for myself, its a story done purely for fun, romance, and cheap thrills at high stakes.

Kindly edited by a friend of mine, Lorna, aka Loney Tunes, who’s hilarious comments I couldn’t live without. Thank you, Lorna.


Oresia is consumed with revenge.

Her father gave his soul away to enact vengeance on a rival family that killed his wife, leaving his thirteen-year-old daughter behind alone except for a blood bound blade.

In a world of technology and magic, the blade offers Oresia a chance at killing the person responsible for giving an illegal weapon to her father, even if it consumes her own soul.

Ten years later she’s worked hard as an executioner for crime families to get the name and location of the soulcerer who made the blade for her father. But when she seeks him out she’ll find out all she’s ever believed is a lie…



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