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Monthly Archives: December 2015

I wanted very much to give you all the first novella in the series tonight and I’m sorry to say that won’t be happening. I was ill for the start of the holidays and it took away too much time. Putting in so much effort to have this done by the end of the year, to have done something worthwhile, and have it not come to pass, is gut wrenching. There will… Read More

I made a goal of getting ten thousand words done today, and it didn’t happen. I slept in, thanks to too much excellent German beer and good company the night beforehand. I had all those pesky things one needs to use a weekend for, and it got right up my nose that, as I sat down, an excellent idea I’d had for dialogue had slipped through my fingers. I didn’t want to… Read More

I spent several months reading and researching self publishing after it became apparent that publishing an ebook would be better than a publishing company. This came about for a really simple reason; I couldn’t pigeonhole my book into one genre. I didn’t want to be rejected because it wasn’t just steampunk. It wasn’t just fantasy. It wasn’t just horror. It was a story that had all those elements and more. I wasn’t… Read More