Finding the Bright Side

I wanted very much to give you all the first novella in the series tonight and I’m sorry to say that won’t be happening.

I was ill for the start of the holidays and it took away too much time.

Putting in so much effort to have this done by the end of the year, to have done something worthwhile, and have it not come to pass, is gut wrenching.

There will be no tirades of what I went through to get here, what’s more important is that I can do two things. Acknowledge that I started this journey, that there is still more to come, and that I can thank all of you.

The support I’ve received for this, the people who have asked me in the final days of the year where they can get the novella, has meant so much in the closing of the year. Thank you all for that, it means so much to me.

Instead of the story, I will leave you with this, which I have been waiting to do if the novella wasn’t ready in time; a synopsis of the first novella.


The Hidden Monastery

Captain Katarina Salisbury of the airship the Iron Lady and propaganda tool for the Illisian government, has been given a very simple assignment; to go and rescue villagers threatened with avalanches in the far southern Drezusk Mountains.

With unwelcome nobles on her vessel, diminishing part of her fame and good press from the venture, she is determined to do her duty and be done with them as quickly as possible.

They destroy an avalanche within reach of the village on their first day in the valley.

Except the fall of the avalanche reveals something beneath the tumbling snow and rock; a hidden monastery of a dead religion, never seen before this far south on the Illisian continent.

It’s stone doors are opened to reveal a secret, and something malicious moves in the shadows, to keep that secret.

Captain Katarina Salisbury is drawn to the monastery, as she struggles against forces that would stop her. As the weather worsens she is forced to make choices for herself and the future of the Iron Lady.

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