Looking forward and proud of what’s past…

It’s at this time of year that I look more towards the new year than what has passed before, and I cannot do that this year.

I released the first book in the Last Prophecy Series, The Well of Youth. From that came my first book launch, and it told me that I had made it.

I wrote three other books, totalling some 280 thousand words. Along with a yet as unfinished piece of work for Queen of Spades series, and a new series, it’s more like 350 thousand words.

After successfully running a Kickstarter I got to not only hold my book in my own hands, I got to give the first copy to my father.

I lost Pronoun and republished anyhow.

This year I get to be even prouder of my accomplishments than last year, and with this sense of accomplishment my goals for 2018 don’t seem so hard.

I want to write six books. 2 for the Last Prophecy, 2 for Queen of Spades, and then there is this other series I have developing in the background. It’s not a bad goal, and while I won’t make it with other plans (finding/building houses!!), I will be endeavoring to try.

As this year draws to a close I am always optimistic for what tomorrow will bring and to do better, but this year is different, I am far more proud of the progress I have made. That self publishing has thrown some pretty hard curveballs at me, and I’ve managed to not only survive them, but understand I am not giving up in spite of those setbacks.

I hope when you make your goals for 2018 you don’t forget how hard it was to accomplish what you did in 2017, and that it was completely worth it.

Happy New Year – hope it’s a corker!

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