Hilariously enough this post is not about games, one of my favourite past times.


This is about the miserable blog post I drafted last night about finding the strength within with a good cry and some sobby youtube clips because my last week has been awful. On one day I received three agent rejections and two job rejections. So I wrote this post at 2am last night feeling very sober and sorry for myself and I got up this morning and thought… fuck that noise.


You have your own songs and movies and stuff you just curl up into a ball and feel fucking miserable and like none of this is going to be worth it and that’s not what you need when you want someone to help pull you up.


I’m all about making these blog posts as useful and helpful as possible and sometimes it doesn’t work and other times I’m surprised by the responses I get. If my little snippets of aggressive positivity, especially with these songs, helps you get up and do something today, then that’s a freaking win.


Here is my list of the BOSS songs I put on my playlist;

(… you’re going to find out pretty quick how much I love my bass and metal…)


[Hardcore] – Stonebank – Stronger (feat. EMEL) [Monstercat Release]


TheFatRat, Slaydit & Anjulie – Stronger [Monstercat Release]


These are really techno but I find that are a great motivator to just get up and do something!


Opening Black Lagoon — Red Fraction (full version) by MELL

Black Lagoon – “Red Fraction” | AmaLee Ver (English Version of the same song)

I’ve included the Black Lagoon opening song for the anime, and while it’s Japanese if you struggle to listen to it (I know some people have trouble liking songs when they don’t know the language) then there is an English version which I thought was very good too! This is an absolutely kick ass song and a kick ass anime.

David Guetta – Titanium ft. Sia (Official Video)

I know its far more mainstream than the other songs but this one is still great, and I’ve loved Sia since she did Breathe.


THIS is the song I really return to when things are crap. I discovered this band purely by accident when they did a song called Ari Ari but this was the song that made me become a Patreon. It’s an Indian metal song but the guys and the message behind the song is just pure and they are really lovely, not to mention the song is metal.


INDIAN FOLK METAL (Bloodywood – “Jee Veerey” ft. Raoul Kerr)


This is by no means all the songs listen to or we’d be here for eight hours.


What these songs are is the capacity to just get on with it. They have messages within them that you just put on headphones and dance your damn heart out. Clean the house and make everything as perfect as you can. Do something no matter how many other times its failed.


You become stronger when you are at your weakest.

You become brave when you are most afraid.

You get up because you’ve been knocked down that many times you know you can’t stay where you are and there really is nothing else to do but keep trying while you are still alive.


However you need to get there, a song, a movie, or just finding someone else who understands, who can give you a hand… or post you a song that somehow makes a difference.


I hope my strong songs make a difference to you today, and you can do this, because you’ve lain in darkness too long.