I wrote a book four year ago when a man told me that if I was writing I should write sex because it sells.

The angry protagonist that came about from that one encounter was not about to put up with that sort of behaviour and I wrote an action fueled scifi romance in sixty days.

But this romance wasn’t about a hero who comes in and makes demands, assumptions or uses arrogance to get his own way. Because Ayla wasn’t going to take that shit from anyone.

It was the first book I was to write in less than a year. It only took sixty days.

At the time I was far outreaching my publishing goals, focused as I was on my fantasy series.

Then last year the time came that I no longer wanted to leave Ayla on the shelf I decided it was time to give her a voice, and a platform on which to do it.

I’d like, very proudly, to announce that Queen of Spades; Awakening will be available on the 10th of April 2020.



This will be the first book I’ve released in three years, and its been a long journey to get this far but I’m hoping this will be the first of many books to come over the next few years.

As of right now only the ebook is available for order on Amazon, however in the coming weeks the paper book will be available for order, along with other platforms aside from Amazon.


I want to thank Jennifer and Heather for spending so much time with this book and helping it be the best it could be.


To my sisters and Angela who first thought I had something with this story four years ago.


To Marcus and Jennifer who are helping me polish this series to make it the best it can be.


And to the man who told me what I should write sex without even listening to what I was writing, who in fact never listened to me, this wasn’t ever for you.


This was for my husband. This was for the men who don’t make demands, who can be sexy and strong, while respecting a woman’s personal space. I think you’re hot, and I always will.