I get it. The pressure, the time, 2020, its not like you need to give me your excuse.

Because you don’t need one. Even typing that word, “excuse”, makes me cringe.

Looking at 2020 and everything that I’ve managed to do, there is a very simple reason Nano didn’t get done; I didn’t have time.

But I sure watched a lot of Trublood, played games for more than a few hours, took a week off work for writing projects.

I’ve done Nano for the last 7 years but this 8th year I was too busy finishing off the edits for the last book in the Queen of Spades, and do you know what? I was sorry. I’m not anymore.

I didn’t fail Nano, I chose to do other things with my time.

That streak proves to me that I know where my priorities lie. That I know where in my writing career I need to knuckle down and focus and if that means starting a new project I have zero emotional investment in needs to be dropped then so be it.

Joining Nano is about creating daily healthy writing habits. Its about sitting down and finally committing the time to the story that you love and have always wanted to write. Its about getting a whole novel down and actually finishing the fucking thing.

Maybe you didn’t do any of those things and there wasn’t a real reason, it just didn’t happen. You know what? It’s a personal commitment. You aren’t competing against anyone else but yourself.

If you think you were just lazy and you need to do better, you can commit to yourself to right 50k words any month you damn well please.

Nano is a chance for us to do it all together. You can do this anytime you like.

Go on, finish your novel, you’ve got 26 days until this year is over. 2020 has rattled your cage, put you down, beat you up, and ripped away so much happiness. Write about hate, revenge, rage, despair… turn it into kindness, protection, love. Wrap the words around your heart and pour them onto the page.

The only person stopping you, is you.