Queen of Spades Trilogy complete!

I’m so excited to announce that book 3 in the Queen of Spades Trilogy will be released on April 17! My #scifi #romance is complete, and each #ebook #99c! If you love soft scifi, slowburn romance, and cliffhangers then this now complete series is for you!

I’ve often spoken of the challenges of self publishing but writing and publishing a trilogy in a year wasn’t something I was ready for amid a pandemic. The launch of this trilogy began on the shakiest grounds as the world was swept into chaos.

Having Ayla be my own person hero who’d get through whatever it takes has driven me to finish this series no matter what else is going on with my life. She’s proof that things can be as awful and you can still get through them. That the demons of our past don’t control our futures.

I love her and this series and I can’t wait to show you the final book, please go make my little heart happy and get it, and I promise a fun, fast paced escape from the world with a side of slow burn romance, and what happens when you hurt someone who knows when you are going to die.

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