It is finally time to reveal the cover for my book coming out July 1st 2023! This is the book of my heart, that I wrote from wanting to take a sing song poem and turn it dark as I possibly could into those twisted tales of children’s nightmares that become real when you grow up. There is so much of myself in Larissa and her journey and I’m so excited to show you the cover!

In training to become a knight of the Fair Lady, Larissa’s inability to kill is a disgrace to her mother, the matriarch of swords. But Larissa hides an even darker truth than her weak stomach: she is drawn toward magic, a power abhorred by the sisterhood whose purpose is to hunt down sorcerers corrupted by the Evercry.

Larissa keeps a stranglehold on her gift until, on the day of her graduation, she reveals too much. Prepared to be cast out of the sisterhood, she is instead brought into their most forbidden caste: the darkkins, those who study and wield magic in the fight against the Evercry. In their halls, she discovers that her proclivity for magic makes her powerful, and a little dangerous.

One day, Larissa’s long-absent mother sends word that she needs help in defeating an evercry, help only Larissa can give. Larissa will do anything to save her mother, including travel with the girl who bullied her all through school. But when agents of the Evercry seem to know her every move, Larissa must grapple with dark truths about the sisterhood and her own heritage and decide…who can she really trust?

There are now ARCs available of this book, and if you would like to be an early reader please reach out through my contact page and I can send you an ecopy. I’m excited to introduce to a trio of trouble and all the darkness that surrounds them, and how they navigate their way to the light.