The Last Prophecy

I couldn’t be more thrilled at the reception of the Hidden Monastery this last week, the amount of interest and support has been so thrilling I couldn’t sleep! Thank you for those of you that wrote reviews, and if you’ve read it and haven’t reviewed please do so, I can’t tell you how important it is!

Now… on to exciting things!

I discussed briefly last week the fact that this was a long series, named after the second novella in the series; The Last Prophecy. I thought long and hard about keeping my plans all secretive, and then have decided that there will be time for secrets, you should know what kind of a story you’ve signed up for.

The first two novellas are the Hidden Monastery, followed by the Last Prophecy. The first official book of the series is technically the third book in the series and whose title for the interim will remain secret. There are then ten books in the series, between each is a novella. There are then eleven novellas in the series in total.

The first novella, The Hidden Monastery, features Captain Katarina Salisbury, who we will also see in the second novella, The Last Prophecy, though the story is not from her viewpoint.

She has a great part to play in the entire series, the depth of which won’t be known for some time, by which time all that was confusing will become clear. Kat is one of my most loved characters, and she has a long road ahead of her, the trials of which I will not tax you over now, only to say I hope you stay with her, as I will.

I have a plan to write a novella and a book every year, and I’m currently ahead of the year at the moment as while the first novella has only just come out, the Last Prophecy will be ready in late March/early April, and the book will be available later in the year.

One thing to note, is that the novellas intertwine through the book series, so it will be strange to read them without reading the books or the novellas before hand. However the books are stories designed to be read as stand alone books, though that will become harder as the series progresses.

Don’t worry, I won’t torment any of you about it too much.


*laughs* Who am I kidding? My sister is going to disown me…. again.