The last couple of weeks have been a challenge.

It’s been a struggle to write, because I’ve been so caught up in the Hidden Monastery’s release. So rapt up in people’s approval and the sales for the book, frustrated, tired and sad and ecstatic. I’ve only written in dribs and drabs here and there really haven’t been enough, not for me.

I seem to have forgotten that the Hidden Monastery was the beginning in more ways than one.

No change to your life like this ever happens overnight.

And I did get to do what I wanted with  my life for once.

I got to be an author, and people I didn’t know, who weren’t my friends or family, bought my book and loved it.

I feel bad it’s taken me this long to come to that conclusion.

And I know some people will hate the book, but for those of you who loved it, and told me so, family friends and strangers, thank you.

Thank you for loving the Hidden Monastery and its beginning.