Another book down!

The Last Prophecy went to the editor last weekend which is why there was no update last week.

I was sitting there, sipping champagne, and thinking it was good, and while I’m sure Scott will come back with all the little changes that perfect it I’m *very* happy with the storyline and I can’t wait to start telling you about it.

But not yet…

Release is planned for April at this stage, depending on a few things.

That will mean the first two novellas in the series are done, and now I can get cracking on the first book. If it was going to be the size of novella I’d be doing well. But it really isn’t.

What’s fun is the research; pirates, sea monsters…. treasure!

Oh yes, precious, treasure.

Depends if you want it or not….

The Well of Youth is becoming an exciting book to write with all sorts of hidden depths and challenges for the characters, but is the groundwork for much to come, hiding in the shadows, which will eventually come to light, whether or not we are ready for them.

On another note I have been periodically thrilled when the ratings for the book shoots up and suddenly I’m number #15 on the steampunk list for Kobo, or the top #100 steampunk books on Kindle. And furthermore the book sold 100 copies, which I may or may not have danced around the study at 6am one morning, and had to be convinced it wasn’t a good time for champagne. Still not convinced.

Thank you to all those who bought it, and thank you for the reviews!

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