Thankfully sir

But there has been lots of things going on in the background that have caused disruptions to my normal schedule, some good, some… not so good.

I am going to keep this saga short, and because I’m saving that sort of thing for the books.

Social media has completely overwhelmed me. The hundreds of thousands of authors doing their best to promote their gorgeous babies, and being able to rub shoulders and be considered one of them over Twitter has been delightful.

Intimidating but good? Yeah, let’s stick with that.

Its also taxing. You see them working so hard to promote their books and love other authors, and here is me in a corner trying to work out what the heck an Indie Author is. (I think I have it now…. at least I hope I do).

It sincerely stressed me out, along with something freaky happening with my sales report meaning I didn’t know if the book was doing well, and when you’re trying to advertise left, right, and center you need to know that sort of information on a daily basis. Or hourly. Even if it hasn’t changed. I probably owe the lady at Pronoun a bunch of flowers for how much I email her.

I asked myself a really important question when this was getting the best of me.

Would I have not done it given how much stress it’s causing me right now?

Absolutely not.

Too many of us give up what we want because of these pressures and I don’t mean to, and neither should you.

P.S. These will become a little randomly posted over the coming weeks while I help my sister do all that fun stuff you get to do before weddings. Hopefully I get a good story out of it or at least the hen’s night. There is always character material to work into a story from a wedding.


And the hen’s night but I don’t write those sorts of novels!