30 Days of Nano

Text: 30 Days of Nano; 30 Tips on How to Finish Your Story

Nano is here and if you don’t know what it is, its basically a competition against yourself to write fifty thousand words on a new book.

Many people use this as a chance to just finish a novel, get one started, developing great writing habits, and you can do all of those things. This year I’m not competing but I am writing for the whole months of November and I’m sharing 30 tips on writing in mini blog posts.

Today’s post is about name generators. Name generators are great for finding placeholders for names when you come stuck. A lot of writers haven’t done much planning and getting stuck looking for a name can suck up valuable writing time. I have a list of all my favourite generators here, but if you have others you like, feel free to post in the comments!

The best thing about them is you can quickly look up an appropriate prop name, which will make find and replace so much easier later, when you’ve got more time to think about something a little more in suiting with your script.

Good luck with it, and remember this isn’t about a final goal, is all about developing good writing habits!

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