Two Year Anniversary

It doesn’t feel like two years, but here we are – two years ago I published Queen of Spades Awakening and a book that was sitting with me since 2016 was out there. To celebrate for the entire weekend the ebook is available on Amazon at 99c for each book.

I love this book, and I haven’t stopped even though I’ve changed and a lot about my writing has changed. When I think on these books, this was a chance for me to do something, to write something that was wholly for me. Not the story teller, not the writer, not the person who wanted someone to read her stories.

I was angry, so very angry at so many things when I wrote this story.

And Ayla embodied that rage and made it her own.

Able to tell when anyone will die with simply a look, she leads the moral-less life of an assassin, until she’s cryogenically frozen, and wakes up as a group of strangers are robbing a secure military like facility. She has two options; stay and risk being frozen again, or leave and find out who did this to her.

She butts heads straight away with Leith, who’s happy to help her adjust to this reality, but isn’t letting her out of his sight. Killers both, they recognize the viciousness in each other and begin a dance of death and seduction.

While Ayla’s enemies remain absent, Leith’s are here, in the sector of space he thought safe. Ayla can help him find out what they are doing, maybe stop them ruining this sector of the galaxy, even if she doesn’t trust him.

But he needs her help and as they come to rely upon one another, Ayla finds the lengths she’ll go to in order to keep him safe a very far indeed. She’ll use her gifts to kill whole stations, and no one in the verse can stop her.

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