Queen of Spades Trilogy


The final book in the Queen of Spades Trilogy is done and is available on for 99cents ahead of the release, along with books one and two! I am so excited to bring the final installment in Ayla’s torn journey from the past to the future!

A scifi action with a side of romance, it has all the violence, banter, and tension of great character-driven scifi with psychic abilities giving it an edge that keeps the story on its toes.

Ayla is a villain. With a gift that allows her to see when anyone will die, she’s remorseless in her profession as the perfect assassin. When she wakes up in a cryo-tank three thousand years in the future, and no idea how she came to be there, all that matters is survival.

Rescued by Leith and the crew of the Nuria, Ayla discovers a far evolved world of space ships and galactic colonization. But everything comes with a price, and though Ayla is no princess locked in an icy tower, she still has to pay for the rescue she didn’t know she needed.

Given over to Leith, a darkly handsome man who reads Ayla far easier than she’d like, they must work together if Ayla is to repay her debt. As the pair come to learn how dangerous one another are, so too grows a lustful bond that comes with rules of its own. Fighting to learn why she was frozen, Ayla’s dragged into Leith’s past with a criminal organization seeking to take over this sector of the galaxy. In order to survive, Leith will need Ayla’s help, but Ayla doesn’t know if she’s willing to pay what it will cost her…



Profile artwork was drawn by the lovely and talented Nushie, who you can find here.

Ayla Queen – Assassin


Born in the early 21st century Ayla has a gift; she can see when anyone will die. Not the time, place, or method, just the day and month; death day. But when she wakes up from a cryo-tank three millennia from her own time she’ll have to do whatever it takes to survive, even if that means leaving her past behind.

Expert at combat, the future holds challenges but Ayla has an edge. Infused with advanced technology, nanites make her strong as any robot, they keep her alive, but so too are they are part of the cage Ayla doesn’t know she’ll ever be free from.

And while Leith has promised to help her find whatever answers he can, he has his own problems that might get Ayla killed. But the growing lust between them could prove far more dangerous…

Leith Delevan – Tactician & Bodyguard

On the run from his past, a system wide gang known as Skarlatos, Leith escaped being made a scapegoat for inter-planetary criminal warfare. Protected by the captain of the Nuria, Faroux, he’ll do whatever he can to keep her ship afloat, even if it means stealing from the biggest conglomerate in the galaxy. But when he finds a girl trapped in a cage, the doctor, Kabe, insisting they need to free her, he doesn’t see an issue.

They’re in enough trouble as it is.

But when this strange woman attacks on sight, she might prove more than a princess locked in a watery prison. She’s fierce, adaptable, and will run the first chance she gets. It’s up to Leith to make it too tempting for her to leave…

“Casey” KC28 – Droid & Mechanic

Life should have improved for the KC28 unit, known as “Casey”, with an AI upgrade from a sexbot into a mechanic aboard the Nuria. But all of that changes when Ayla walks in. She’s angry, alone, forgotten, and its something Casey knows well given her own complicated past.

She’ll do anything for the hack that rebooted her AI into something useful, and Kabe, the doctor that got her robotic body working again, but she’s drawn to Ayla’s plight. Casey has a sweet spot for Ayla, who doesn’t fit in, and neither does Casey.

For all her banter she can’t help but feel the outsider with her mechanical parts. Until Ayla’s words change her world…

Kabe Henesy – Doctor/Hacker

All he has is a single location, and when he finds himself before the tomb of a forgotten girl he thinks he can do it again; rescue someone hidden from the world. But when Ayla bursts out of the cyrotank she’s been kept prisoner within for three millennia and puts a gun to his head, Kabe might have got more than he bargained for.

For all his desire to save her once she’s awake, Ayla doesn’t need him, and she makes it clear to him and the crew of the Nuria that she’s ditching them the first chance she can get. But he can help her in ways no one else can.

The technology residing in Ayla’s body shouldn’t exist, could only be from the highest levels of nanite controlled technology, which belongs to the conglomerate Aquacore. A business in the peaceful and galaxy wide position of supplying clean fresh water and oxygen to everyone, Aquacore’s patriotic duty to humanity’s perpetuation shows a far darker side in what they’ve done to Ayla…

… and her gift might be why.

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