The Last Prophecy Series

The Last Prophecy series came to me as I started to write a book about a navigator aboard an airship. As I began writing, I saw, in the villain’s eyes, that there was far more to this story than just this facet.

Over the coming months, a tangled web emerged, and unsure of the outcome, I started writing the Hidden Monastery.

It was meant to be the discovery of a prophecy, but I soon found the story wanted to wend its own way out, and I could do nothing but write it as it came from my imagination.

The book series starts with Captain Katarina Salisbury, and a sudden discovery of a hidden monastery. Within were the remnants of a tale about a journey from the Well of Youth. But something moved within the shadows to keep that secret, and in the ensuing days the monastery was destroyed by a falling avalanche.

Desperate to find the Well, Kat turns to Professor Nicholas Holloran, who, with the information she has found, is able to lead her to where the monks first landed on Illisia. Aeons have passed but the pair find a cave system, and within was the last words of a prophet who spoke of a coming darkness.

But once again Salisbury is set upon by forces that move in the shadows, and she and the professor, Nick, are the only ones to survive a horrible attack, and the loss of her airship, the Iron Lady.

Believing that they should go north to the Frozen Isles to find it, Kat and Nick find themselves at cross purposes, ones that could change the fate of Illisia.

The Well of Youth is the first book in the series, written from the view of Leander Morzov, and a favourite pupil of Nick’s, but he has little to no idea of what has unfolded, and since the professor is gone, Andy can only trust what Kat tells him.

The book sequence is as follows;

The Hidden Monastery (Novella 0.5)

The Last Prophecy (Novella 0.75)

The Well of Youth (Book 1)

To Chase a Prophecy (Novella 1.5)

A Phantom Presence (Book 2)

This is a series I will keep working on but its publication is due to restart in 2021 with To Chase a Prophecy for release in mid 2021, and A Phantom Presence in late 2021. It was always going to be an epic undertaking but I have no doubt I will finish it one day.

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