The Well of Youth

The Well of Youth is live, you can see the first few pages here.

It is the first book in the Last Prophecy series, set after the events of the novellas the Hidden Monastery and the Last Prophecy.

Grateful to be leaving the deathbed of his estranged father behind, Andy Morzov wants nothing more than to return to Amphion University to submit his thesis to his mentor Professor Nick Holloran. Instead, he discovers the professor missing – possibly dead – while on a secret mission for the Illisian government.

If Andy hopes to find Nick, he must join the renowned Captain Salisbury in retracing Nick’s steps on a quest to the Frozen Isles for the fabled site of Shaifalway, the Well of Youth. With Salisbury advising Andy not to go, he starts to question the government’s motives. Andy soon discovers that there’s something wrong in the archaeological papers the professor left behind. And for good reason, for the translation speaks of a darkness, an evil within the hearts of man, and the Well is only a small part of what is to come.

As he boards the ice-breaking behemoth, the Juggernaut, on her quest north, Andy realises that his life is now in danger. He must tread carefully, lest his motives to save Nick – if he is still alive – come into question. In the midst of his growing doubts, arises the question as to the Well’s authenticity. After all, what lengths would the leaders of Illisia go for immortality?

The first book in the series, The Well of Youth, is available from your preferred ebook provider in the below links;




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