One of the key parts about staying inspired is giving into the impulse when a new idea comes along. To commit to an inspiring idea until it reaches its end. It could be a line, a poem, or a full length novel.

In the past I’ve had years where I wrote ten novels, and others were I wrote only one. All in all I have over thirty full novels drafted, many novels and short stories and fragments of half begun epic sagas because I can’t stop my muse from doing this to me apparently.

One of the earliest things writers are told is to write in one specific genre, however I can firmly say that while I do branch across scifi and fantasy, I also dabble in paranormal and romance. The predominant themes of my work though, tend to have remarkable women who’s strength isn’t defined by convention.

My first series, The Last Prophecy, is an overtly ambitious twenty one book novella series revolving around a poem. A lifetime of work, I plan to keep selfpublishing this series until it reaches its end. An unfortunate hiatus began in 2018 however I’m keen to continue this series in 2021.

My first publishing contract was with Literary Wanderlust in April of 2018 for Behind the Veil, a gothic noir set in 1920s Los Angeles. I also have a NA female driven fantasy book called Echo of the Evercry I signed up to Literary in July 2020. I have several other books on R&R with them to be submitted in 2021.

2020 meant spending a lot of time at home and one of the things it did was bring in touch with my inner Asperger girl and what it means to take of the mask for extended periods of time. I didn’t write a lot this year, but I started a book I’m going to be querying in 2021 as my first neurodiverse book. A space opera in the vein of American Gods meets the Matrix. This book is something I’ve sunk a lot of time and thought but also the harder parts of myself I’m seeking to acknowledge as someone with Aspergers.

I know many authors commit fully to one book and making it absolutely perfect and that’s not what I can do with my headspace the way it is. I need to be actively working on different projects and so I always have something new to focus on. Most of all, I let my imagination and lust for storytelling dictate my writing, and the ones I peruse are the ones I fall in love with.

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