To Chase A Prophecy

To Chase a Prophecy.png



Lady Katarina Salisbury has lost her position of power in the Illisian military.

But she can still fight to change the future.

Traveling to the shores of her mother’s home, Kosyavko, the capital of Rodovinia, she tries to discover all she can about the Last Prophecy in it’s libraries and museums.

But when one masked intruder enters her cabin in the dead of night to poison her, and another sabotages her carriage, it’s clear that the task before her poses a great risk.

With the Rodovinian noble after her secrets, and threats from her past confused with a much closer danger, she doesn’t know who to trust…

Will she be able to find out how to stop the Last Prophecy, or to succumb to an enemy she thought she had escaped?


Release Date: Early 2019

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