Echo of the Evercry

My all female cast fantasy Echo of the Evercry is now available for ARC readers on Netgalley and Booksirens! You can see what readers are saying about it on Goodreads too!

This book is one of my favourite stories I’ve ever written and I sincerely hope Meg Trast is right, in that it isn’t for everyone, but for those who love it, they will never forget it. Because I wont ever forget it.

I wrote the whole story in 21 days.

Walking home in the rain, a song reminded me of the A. A. Milne poems my mother used to read aloud to me as a child. Except something darker and far more insidious came with those thoughts…

Run little runtling

Flee with all your fears

Mother’s gone a-hunting

Won’t be back for years

Sigh little weakling

With a pocket full of tears

Hear the wolf howling

When the orb appears

Die little darkkin

After the echo clears

Debts will be a-settling

When the Evercry nears

Once it came to me it wouldn’t stop and so I sat and wrote for hours pouring myself into it, while listening to a youtube track for hours on repeat because it just made the story work. I hadn’t been inspired to write like this for years, it sucked pieces of me out I didn’t know where there.

And when it was done I knew I had something special but I also knew I had a lot of work to do.

When Jennica at Literary Wanderlust became interested I was thrilled because as soon as she started talking to me about what she envisioned for the story I was right there with her, it all made more sense to me.

Four years later and there are things I love and hate about this book. Things I want to change, but realize that there are other stories to be told in this world. Three angry women with the weight of the world on their shoulders and I know their stories aren’t done, but for now, this book existing now for readers is enough.

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