Echo of the Evercry

I wrote a story in twenty one days and decided to pitch it to PitchWars.


If you don’t know me, that should tell you everything you need to know about how much I like to torture myself.


But Echo of the Evercry wasn’t like anything I’d ever written before. An all female cast of characters set in a world where the balance is held precariously between the sisters of the Fair Lady and an evil known only as the Evercry…


I loved the themes of this story, so much so I decided to seek mentorship with it in the PitchWars, but failing that will be looking at querying it down the line. It has a great purpose within, overcoming every day problems and the greater ones too. Not necessarily about saving the world, but about saving oneself from your own worst enemy. The one within.


In a spurt of celebration I had the delightful and talented Mariateresa Susca draw up a picture of the main character, Larissa.


Terri has caught the essence of Larissa; she’s shy, introverted, and empathetic towards all living things. Not stern or strong like her mother, she prefers to use her mind to seek solutions, and doesn’t think violence is the answer to all problems, even as everyone around her believes otherwise.

You can find Terri’s other work here and on Patreon.


Pitch for Echo of the Evercry;


In a world where magick users can be possessed and enslaved by an evil known as the Evercry, Larissa belongs to an order that slays them. Women who pass the test become knights, able to hear the song of the Evercry and therefore hunt them. When Larissa fails the test, bringing dishonour on her family name, she finds herself joining the Darkling caste instead.  She knows the dark caste taint themselves with magick to better learn the ways of their enemy. But Larissa has a secret. She holds an innate talent for magick she’s kept hidden in fear and shame, as magick is frowned upon as a path to the Evercry.

When a dead Darkling is found with a message from her mother, the order must entrust Larissa with an orb that has an echo of an Evercry’s song. The only way Larissa’s mother can defeat the Evercry she hunts is with the orb. But Larissa must find her first, and she cannot go alone. Paired up her only friend, and her childhood bully, Larissa must embark on a journey that questions everything she has come to learn about herself.

Surrounded by enemies, they must learn to trust one another if they are to ever find Larissa’s mother before Larissa succumbs to the Evercry herself.


I look forward to one day being able to share Larissa’s journey with the world.