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Everyone has an opinion.

When anyone gives you feedback on your writing its important to remember that not everyone is motivated by your best interests. There are people who will compliment what others criticize, but those criticisms shouldn’t be ignored either. We all want to believe we are perfect writers and the fact of the matter is that we are not.

I’m not an editor or a writer when I look at your work.

I’m what I’ve always been; a reader.

And its important to remember that at the end of the day that’s who your story is for, it’s for you, and for readers. To enrapture someone, even if its only for a few hours, with your whole world.

I’ve offered beta reading on Twitter for months and now I want to open it to anyone.

But first, let me tell you what I offer as a reader;

– Critical feedback: if something flat out doesn’t work I won’t ignore it

– Helpful alternatives: when there are issues I’ll suggest alternatives

– Plot developement: if I feel like the story meanders or doesn’t hold enough weight I’ll let you know where you can look at sharpening it

– Character development: believable characters carry your plot & if they fall flat its important to catch it as it can dictate their actions for the entire book

– Cookies: when I see something unique, well written, or clever, I’ll tell you. I am a big believer in positive re-enforcement and its good to know from your beta not just where you are failing, but where you succeed too.

Inquiries can be submitted through my contact page, and availability will depend on volume of requests. Please send the following information;

– Name & Genre

– Comps; eg Desperate Housewives crossed with GOT

– Manuscript size

– What you want out of a betareader

What does this cost you? Nothing.

Just time, at this stage the offer is open to anyone, but if my beta reading schedule gets too full I may scale down the size of manuscripts in order to accept a greater number of beta requests.

Most importantly, you’ll have my honesty, given in constructive and helpful feedback.

I believe in empowering authors, but as I’ve learned over the years I’ve been a writer, everyone makes mistakes, and everyone can improve and grow as a writer.

I just want to help you get there.


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