Patreon Page Shenanigans




Yep. I’m doing it.


I’ve had a Patreon page set up for over month now I haven’t launched. I have been planning it now for about a year. I didn’t do it because asking people to support me in my writing journey from a financial point of view felt crap.


But after spending a year doing nothing but give I’ve come to a point where I need to ask.




Because writing is expensive, and it doesn’t matter who you are.


There are many accounts for writers, artists and musicians to support what they do and now I’m making changes to my life to be more devoted to my writing career its time to take that leap into Patreon.


And in good Patreon fashion there is stuff you get for supporting my writing journey too.


TIER ONE: One Word

This will be an video update on the month’s journey, where I’m up with my work, and also helpful tips and advice I put on my blog post will be devoted more now to my Patreons to say thank you. I post heaps of stuff about self publishing, marketing, writing tips, and will always be happy to share with you what I’ve learned, mistakes I’ve made, and what worked.


TIER TWO: One Line

This tier gives special access to my Patreon only Discord Channel, where you can join in writing sprints with me, talk about writing, ask questions and generally have a place you can go to that’s solely about our lives as writers, and mine too. It also has the previous tier rewards.


TIER THREE: One Paragraph

All previous rewards and an e-copy of my self published books as they come out. I hope you get to be the first to see the kinds of stories I write first off the bat when they are released and I hope you like my stories and writing style.


I also have some stretch goals including a Youtube channel to talk about writing, but also to review books and some other fun stuff I don’t normally share.


Every cent counts for me and everything goes into getting my work out there. I am a deep believer in making my stories as polished as possible and this by far is the hardest thing for me to budget, as the editors I work with are talented and deserve what they charge on their invoices. But while it encompasses the greater cost it doesn’t take into account all the other things needed to get a book off the ground.


I also want to keep encouraging other writers, beta reading and reviewing books and to help build a community of online writers out to support and help each other get their stories down. There is a lot to be said for these communities and I’m a big believer in giving as much as I can of my time and experiences as a writer.


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