Betaread for #AuthorsforMentalHealth

Mental health is an important issue to me which is why I’m donating up to 100k Betaread of your book.
Got to to find out more! #AuthorsforMentalHealth

I’m so excited to announce my first auction!

I am giving away up to 100k beta read of your novel!

For my own mental health I decided this year not to accept any more manuscripts as I am currently booked to near the end of the year.

It’s important to set our boundaries and for me this was the right thing to do, but I still wanted to help someone.

Now I can.

To see what it’s about go to Authors For Mental Health website, and you’ll see donations of great authors and their services and work for a wonderful cause, Beyond Blue.

You can find me on number seven on the list and this is what I’m offering;

FULL MANUSCRIPT BETA READItem details: One full manuscript beta read (closer to a developmental edit) up to a word count of 100,000 words in any genre, but preference of fantasy, scifi, horror, paranormal, romance, thriller and crime.

I can, and prefer, to focus on story, engagement, plot and characters, but if you are doing something I consider an editing fix, I let you know, mostly so you can improve as you write. You will need to send your book in a word file to me, and I will leave comments in the manuscript itself to specifically target areas of the story. I leave many comments on things that I think need polishing or clarifying but will also try to come up with solutions or ways to improve it. I will also leave comments on sections I like and are done well (we all need that positivity push!). I will also have a summary of all my thoughts and suggestions in the body of the email, and a one hour call once you’ve had time to read through my feedback. My critique is always honest, but helpful. I think all stories have redeeming features, good along with bad, and it’s good to tease both those out, especially the parts where you shine. You can see the testimonials on my website here;

Item conditions/restrictions:Please send as an editable word document. I give a detailed and quality analysis and usually finish within three months. However, please allow six months for the beta read from the date I receive the book. It should be a lot less however I do have other commitments. Please do not send any religious, memoir, or fiction around sexism or sexual violence. I don’t mind if it has a point but not violence for the sake of violence and I reserve the right to refuse to read such work. If you have concerns or wish to vett trigger warnings, please reach out to my via my contact page on my website. In regards to the call, this can be via your method of preference (zoom/discord/skype), however I am Australian and not available some hours. The best time for me is Saturday morning my time, which usually equates to early Friday evening in the US.

​I’m neurodiverse, my pronouns are she/they, and I’m bi. I spend a lot of time on your manuscript. I want it to be your best, but often that can mean a lot of work. No manuscript is perfect and I believe in getting feedback from multiple readers to ensure you have a good scope of your manuscript and it’s current status.
Donated by: E.J. Dawson

Ejay writes scifi, fantasy, and horror, with a dash of the paranormal. Behind the Veil is her first book with Literary Wanderlust, a romantic suspense with a touch of darkness. She also has a fantasy NA with Literary, Echo of the Evercry, and two self published series.

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